Dynamite Chinchillas

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Rescues for Adoption





This little cutie is Stubbs. He got his name because his father attacked him the day he was born. As a result he ad a trip to the vet and endured a foot amputation and lost the tip of his tail. He is a very optimistic baby and doesn't even know he is missing a foot. He is SUPER friendly, gets around well and is very healthy despite his missing parts.

Stubbs is a medium Ebony and carries the violet gene. He will darken with age over the head and back but his sides and belly will be a lighter shade of gray. His birthday is March 31 2015. if this little guy is tugging on your heart strings, send me an email and you can come meet him.


Sept. 17/2014


This Is Phantom. She is a large female Black Velvet chinchilla. Phantom was surrendered to me because her owner was leaving for college and couldn't take her along. She was pretty unimpressed with being in a travel carrier, but once I got her home and into a cage she was a very pleasant girl. She was willing to let me hold her and posed for pictures quite willingly. She was once bonded to another female chin who has since passed so I'm sure she could be bonded once again if you happen to have a lonely chin.

Phantom was adopted from the humane society 2 years ago. Not much is known about her background and she doesn't have a pedigree. Her age is yet another mystery and because of all these factors she is available to a pet home for the adoption price of $100.

If you are interested in Phantom, Please drop me an email and I will be more than happy to answer any questions to the best of my knowledge.