Dynamite Chinchillas

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To ask about upcoming litters or to be on a reserved list please email me at:


[email protected]




Standard Grey: 120.00-160.00

Beige: 140.00-160.00

Mosaic White: 180.00-240.00

Tans: 160.00-350.00

Ebonies: 180.00-400.00

Violets: 250.00-350.00


*Prices are subject to change, and vary depending on:

-Extreme Patterns

-Violet/Ebony Carriers

-TOV (Touch of Velvet Veiling)



A 50.00 deposit (non refundable) is needed to reserve a chinchilla kit until 8-10 weeks of age when it can be picked up to go to it's forever home.