Dynamite Chinchillas

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Welcome to my website,

Dynamite Chinchillas


I breed pedigreed chinchillas as a hobby, to provide people with beautiful, happy, healthy kits. Only 1 or two litters available per year. 


I have imported my breeding stock from all over North America choosing only pedigreed breeders I can trust. This ensures my chinchillas have been bred properly and will rear sound kits.


I mainly focus on the Ebony mutations. I occasionally will have Standards, Mosaics and Tans.


My chinchillas spend their days in large Cages, decked out with tunnels, ledges and hidey houses. In the evening they come out and run around in their exercise pen, and usually act like little fools until play time is over. I feed my chinchillas Oxbow products, and highly recommend them to all my customers.


I am located in the small village of Roseneath, Just 20 minutes north of Cobourg Ontario. Here I share my home with my family, 4 dogs, 3 horses, a few cows, and of course my chinchillas.